Globel Partner

Below is a list of our current strategic partners. It is important for the Swana Intl to work with these organisations. We want to ensure that they are aware of current thinking and activity in the sector and when our interests come together, we are keen to work with them for the benefit of the sector.

Interface Devices Inc, USA

interface devices Inc USA

Taughannock Aviation, USA

Taughannock Aviation Corporation USA

Rawal Traders, Japan

Rawal Traders, Japan RawalTraders

Furukawa Unic Corporation, Japan

Furukawa Unic Corporation Japan

GenStar Technologies, Inc USA

GenStar Technologies Company Inc USA



Power Vamp, UK

Power Vamp, UK

Pramac, Itlay

Pramac Itlay

Kipor Group

Kipor Group

Kinedyne, USA

Kinedyne USA