If you can
imagine it
we can
build it
Our Mission

Swana’s mission is enduring; it proclaims our commitment, action and decisions. We are determined to high quality, and innovative designs. Our mission is to create value by manufacturing precise, safe and cost effective industrialised solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the skeleton, guides us towards being a benchmark manufacturing firm with internationally recognised products, continuous improvement driven by integrity and innovation of our people. We visualize bringing inspired people, a winning association of partners and hi-tech productivity collectively within a fast moving organisation.

Heritage & Experience

Quality Assurance

Swana was found in 1990s; a high-tech precise engineering company that manufactures bespoke engineering components, products and assembles them within a competitive environment. We consistently endeavour to improve high standard of our products and service and scope to our customers. This is done through a structured approach by investing in capital and more importantly in our human capital.

Our product types include aircraft ground support equipments, aircraft maintenance apparatus, access platforms, industrial lighting tower, military equipments, telecommunications towers, conveyers and other customer products as demanded. Firm’s quality management system has been certified with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and meets international standard.

Swana’s manufacturing experience in product development is infinite, it is known nationwide for its excellent equipments and services particularly in Government/defence sector. We pay special attention; create realistic and perceptive designs and provide consultancy for our each project.

Our promise is broad range of designing and manufacturing capabilities for all product. We can create a completely new customised product to suit your needs or we can modify and improve your existing products for better functionality.

The Industries we supply to:


Our products serve to a number of different industries such as aviation industry, access industry, construction industry, telecommunication industry as well as military ground support equipments and services supporting the mobility needs of Pakistan forces.